Table Of Contents

Download The Sharp Factory App

Download The Sharp Factory updater and save the zip file to your computer.


Antivirus and/or Windows Defender can show false positives. We are working on gaining reputation with the antivirus companies. As a workaround add SFUpdater.exe and the SharpFactory.exe to the exclusion list of your antivirus and firewall software.


Create a folder in you main drive or locate a folder in which you would like to place the application. Unzip the contents of the download and execute the SFUpdater.exe this will download the latest version of The Sharp Factory App.

Enter Credentials

Whether you use the free version or one of the paid subscriptions The Sharp Factory App requires you to enter the same credentials you use on our website. It will also require you to enter the Subscription Token provided to you when you signed up. This token is also available under My Subscriptions when you login to the website.

Pin To Taskbar

Once the application is running you can right click the icon in the task bar and select "Pin to taskbar". Or you can create a shortcut on your desktop to the SharpFactory.exe (the main executable of the application).

Requires Internet

Because The Sharp Factory App is subscription based it requires internet to start up and verify the subscription. No other information is gathered or sent by the application at any moment.

Next Steps

Now that you have installed the application you will want to generate your first model. For more information got to Model Generation. There you will find how to create your first model and generate the C# in your Visual Studio Solution.